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Buddy's Price

Buddy’s Price is our promise to our valued customers. A promise that we will offer you the lowest price for high-quality furniture, regardless of your budget size, your payment method, or your negotiation skills. We don’t run phony sales or gimmicks, instead, you get a great price every day of the year.

When you see Buddy’s Price, you can be confident that we have worked hard to offer you the price on the tag. We believe running a sale is unfair and misleading because oftentimes retailers raise their initial price in order to offer 40, 50, or even 60% or more off. Buddy’s Price is an everyday low price, allowing you to shop when it is convenient for you, not us.

A big part of our strategy is buying a lot of furniture direct from manufacturers each year, giving us a leg up when negotiating prices on your behalf. We leverage our long-standing relationships with manufacturers; we have been in business for over 30 years, and in that time have forged incredible relationships with partners that have proven track records of treating employees fairly and committing to using the best possible materials, like real woods and leathers. We also maintain great partnerships with shipping companies to ensure we keep a steady flow of in-stock furniture for you to buy today and bring home tonight.

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