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Nectar mattresses, celebrated for their premium memory foam and commitment to sleep excellence, have made their debut at Bailey's Furniture. This addition showcases Bailey's dedication to expanding its selection with top-tier sleep products, ensuring customers have access to the very best the market offers. Known for their optimal support and cooling technology, Nectar mattresses at Bailey's Furniture are a testament to the store's aim of meeting diverse sleep needs. For those in pursuit of a rejuvenating night's rest, Bailey's Furniture is the ideal destination to experience and acquire a Nectar mattress."

The Nectar Premier Copper

4" of gel memory foam, ActiveCool HD, and real copper fibers for the tallest, coolest mattress.

The Nectar Premier Mattress

3" of gel memory foam plus ActiveCool HD takes cooling comfort to the next level.

Nectar Premier

The Nectar Classic Hybrid

Gel memory foam meets individually-wrapped innerspring coils for the best rest.

Nectar Premier Copper Mattress

The Nectar Copper Hybrid

ActiveLift HD layer and a plush Euro Top take comfort to the next level.

Nectar Premier

The Nectar Copper Premier Hybrid

ActiveLift HD, a Euro Top, and real copper fibers for the coolest, comfiest hybrid we have.

Nectar Premier Copper Mattress

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